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What is Adapta Gold?

It's the subscription that grants you full access to all courses and tools on Adapta.org. With it, you get:

Our Courses and Certifications:

Course 1

Mastering ChatGPT

The only ChatGPT course in Brazil, created in collaboration with the lone Brazilian researcher from OpenAI – the developer of ChatGPT.

Learn the right way to ask questions, brainstorm, create content, speed learn, and accelerate your tasks with AI.

Magno Maciel - Pesquisador da OpenAI

By Max Peters e Magno Maciel

Course 2

Management with AI

Whether you’re a manager or not, you need to handle tasks (and people).

In this course, we show you the best ways to do that with the help of different AIs.

Get to know the principles, tools, and best practices to automate tasks and make your chores more productive.

By Max Peters

Course 3

Marketing with AI

From the creators of two brands (Petvi and Transfer English) that soared past 15 million in revenue in their first year…

Discover how to build a brand from scratch in just a few hours using ChatGPT as a mentor.

Learn to conduct market research, develop a stunning website, create a unique logo, uncover a unique value proposition, think about sales channels, create persuasive ads, and more.

By Max Peters e Jadson Consolini

Course 4

Copywriting with AI

Learn straight from the creators of the first Copywriting agency in Brazil.

Discover how to use different AI tools to have a unique, engaging, and creative writing style that helps you stand out (and sell more).

Build personas, create product concepts, big ideas, ad ideas, and overcome your customer objections in just a few clicks.

By Max Peters e Eduardo Coelho

And our powerful tools:

Tool 1

Adapta GPT-4 Turbo

Our AI integrated with the intelligence and speed of ChatGPT 4 – the most powerful artificial intelligence model today.

With it, you can use the functionalities of ChatGPT without paying anything extra.

What would cost more than $240 per year, here you access for free.

Tool 2

Weekly Newsletter

Outsource any AI anxiety you have to our team of experts.

Every week, we pick the best news, experiments, studies, and tools emerging in the AI world and deliver them to you in a straight-to-the-point, valuable summary.

Transfer any anxiety new developments may cause you to us, and let us deliver only the gold when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

Subscription Options

Due to our official launch, we are offering these special conditions below:

Condição garantida por:

Adapta Gold


Annual access to:


each 5 years

Adapta Gold

Annual access to:


on annual plan

Exclusive Benefits: employees from Paypal, Google, Allu, Microsoft, and Botconversa receive exclusive benefits. Simply sign up with your professional email and check your benefits directly in the members' area.

About your Instructors

Max Peters

CEO Adapta.org, Co-founder of Petvi (largest pet advertiser in Latin America), Transfer English (English school for employees of the American embassy) and Copy Experts (first copywriting agency in Brazil)​.

Magno Maciel

The only Brazilian to be part of the select team of researchers at OpenAI. Co-founder of Serafin, specialist in artificial intelligences, and Adapta partner.

Any doubts left?

The subscription lasts for 12 months. After this period, you can renew your subscription without adjustments.




Yes, the free access to AdaptaGPT is valid for the 12 months of your ADAPTA Gold subscription.




Yes, during the subscription period you will receive updates and improvements in courses and materials, at no additional cost.




We accept payment via credit card via Stripe. You can also pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Link – via Stripe.




Yes. If you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund within 30 days after purchase.




All content is available on our online platform, accessible by login and password you will receive upon completing the purchase.




Yes, our support team will be available via email and chat to help you with any technical doubts or about the content.




Unlike ChatGPT-4 which has its limit for continuous use (50 questions), our limit is weekly (25000 tokens).

For reference, there are enough tokens to write a PhD thesis (per week!)




Adapta GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that uses the intelligence and processing of GPT-4.

In it, you can run prompts, save chats, and use the power of the official GPT-4, without having to pay anything extra for it.




Use this letter as a template (remember to check the fields):

Dear <Insert Manager or Responsible name>,

I would like to bring to your attention a training opportunity that I believe is extremely beneficial both for my professional development and for the productivity and effectiveness of our team.

The course in question is the Adapta Gold subscription, offered by Adapta.org.

This course covers topics such as mastering Artificial Intelligence tools, like Chat GPT, which are directly applicable to my current role of [Your Position], including the only course in Brazil created in partnership with a researcher from OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

The course also includes a certificate and access to GPT-4, the most powerful AI tool currently, which will allow me to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in our work environment.

I believe that upon completing this course I will be able to:

  • Improve efficiency in our [Your tasks] processes.
  • Save time and resources in [Area you work in].
  • As well as contribute to achieving specific goals and objectives of our team.

The cost of registration is [Insert price]. Based on the return on investment that the company will get, I sincerely believe it’s a worthwhile proposal.

I understand that we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and effectiveness, and I am confident that this course is a significant step in that direction. I am willing to share all the learning with the team, through presentations or training, so that everyone can benefit from this opportunity.

Thank you in advance for considering and I am available to discuss this proposal in more detail.


[Your Name]






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